Kojoohar ‘Cachalot’ – new release is out!

Thick layers of noise swollen textures merge into a viscous soundscape enswathing the listener, like bottomless depths of a swamp devour a descending piece of slag. Kojoohar is an accidental one-man project from Ukrainian South, weaving tarry audio cocoons from pulsatile cartilagery of obsessive-compulsive ambient industrial and slimy flaps of post-flegmatique noisewave, invoking analog and… Continue reading Kojoohar ‘Cachalot’ – new release is out!

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Vital Weekly about Inmostones

“Here we have a 5” CD, in a proper cover, but it is, very sadly, only fifteen minutes long. I had not heard of Yurri Samson before, who is, according to Discogs, “a poet, songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist. Also the leader of the psychedelic folk-kraut-rock band Biblioteka Prospero, a solo project Starless and a participant… Continue reading Vital Weekly about Inmostones

Muslimgauze “Martyr Shrapnel” out soon!

We’ve just opened pre-orders for the upcoming release Muslimgauze “Martyr Shrapnel” https://ishallsinguntilmylandisfree.bandcamp.com/album/martyr-shrapnel The release will be available as 2xLP and CD. The CD version is planned for shipping around the 21st of April, and the vinyl we expect to start shipping around the 1st of June.

We have a new release today!

Yurii Samson “Inmostones” “Semiconscious singing transforms into matter, ethereal zones interact as loudspeaker walls, leaving something untold, trying to tell something. And the world itself is imagined as a large pile of granular stones that became solid in the crucible of time, passing the path from the atoms that make up air to the crystalline… Continue reading We have a new release today!

Our new song is out today!

Zavoloka & Noémi Büchi “Vidvaga” To fight back the darkness with courage. Vidvaga by Zavoloka & Noémi Büchi Music composed and produced by Kateryna Zavoloka and Noémi Büchi.Mixed and mastered by Noémi Büchi.Cover artwork by Kateryna Zavoloka. Order your download here:https://ishallsinguntilmylandisfree.bandcamp.com/track/vidvaga

Ujif_notfound, Kotra and Zavoloka on Sverigesradio

Since russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, life has changed drastically for the Ukrainians who remain in the country. At home in his apartment, the artist and producer Ujif_notfound reflects on the role of music in a time marked by the madness of war. The artists Kotra and Zavoloka have started a record company where… Continue reading Ujif_notfound, Kotra and Zavoloka on Sverigesradio

Ukrainian Women’s Guard

SUPPORT THE ALL-UKRAINIAN NETWORK OF WOMEN’S RESISTANCE MOVEMENT! Ukrainian Women’s Guard www.uavarta.org The Ukrainian Women’s Guard was established by the lawyer Olena Biletska when the Russo-Ukrainian war began with the aim to create a women’s resistance movement. Since 2014 the Ukrainian Women’s Guard has been educating and training women to unite under critical circumstances and… Continue reading Ukrainian Women’s Guard