Dive In Light!

Today we are glad to present you our new release from two great young Ukrainian artists hailing from Donbas region – Moe Nagasi and Dmytro Filatov.

This is a live recording of their collaborative set at the MusicMakers Hacklab project, which was a part of the CTM Festival in Berlin.

Moe Nagasi is an alias of Valeriia Khazan – a triple-threat composer/producer, DJ, and violinist. Hailing from Donbas, Ukraine, the artist is now based in Berlin. She’s the rare violinist who can juggle her instrument and CDJs or synthesizers, creating new sonic visions, an accomplished improviser with a sharp ear. Valeriia showcases her musical talent by contributing to the film scores, and her versatility extends to smaller projects, including music for dance performances, live shows, and podcasts like “Oramics”, “Widows Radio”, and RBL Radio.

Dmytro Filatov is also a child of one of the industrial hearts of the Donetsk region – Kramatorsk, Ukraine. Dmytro balances on the edge between being a promoter, cultural, event manager, and experimental music producer, and performer. In his cultural activities, Dmytro started as a part of the Ukrainian NGO VIDLIK PROJECTS, which is known for artistic projects for the youth of decentralized regions. After moving to Berlin, he founded the Ukrainian crew BURRE, a brand that works with the integration of Ukrainian experimental musicians into the art scene of Berlin by doing events.

Listen to the whole recording and order your download in our Bandcamp shop: https://ishallsinguntilmylandisfree.bandcamp.com/track/dive-in-light