From Wreck and Ruin

Line of our releases continues, and today we have an EP “From Wreck and Ruin” from Italian and Ukrainian techno artists Liza Aikin and Symonenko.

This EP was created from fragments of field recordings of the Ukrainian sound engineer Andrii Nidzelskyi, which he documented in the first week of the full-scale russian invasion of the territory of Ukraine around Kyiv.

This music is inspired by the indomitable thirst for life and freedom of the beautiful Ukrainian people, who can adapt even to the explosion of winged rockets in their city, to darkness, to hunger, to death, but will never tolerate the boot of an invader on their land.

This music was woven from the pain and fear that gripped the majority of the civilian population of Ukraine in the same terrible first week of the war. But everywhere that fear breaks through the rhythmic singing of birds, the barking of dogs, the slamming of the gate door, the metal roof shaking from the explosion, the anxious gait during the distant explosions, and many other similar details, with which the authors, in their opinion, conveyed the emotions of inevitable horror that most Ukrainians experienced for the first time.

In the opinion of the authors, this music will help to more deeply feel the pain of Ukrainians in the world and will give more understanding among the representatives and followers of the electronic music community, which still denies all the available facts of the russian genocide in Ukraine, remains quite aloof and takes an infantile side position, bypassing clear statements in support Ukraine and condemnation of russia’s unjustified vile war.