Interview with Dmytro Fedorenko for Felthat Reviews

Dmytro Fedorenko has been active as Kotra and running his label Kvitnu for quite a while. He works in multimedia environment, not only as a sound artist. I asked him a few questions regarding his activity.

  1. There is always a special period in an artist’s life that prompted her/him to find certain inspirations that in the future prompt and help ideas to grow into certain type of genre that you create. What was important for you to help you and encourage you to start with music and sound design?

The most important for me were these few moments.

First, was to discover that in electronic music the distance between my ideas and their implementation was much “shorter”, compared to when I used guitar, for example.

Second, that I could do everything by myself.

Third was, that around the same time I discovered several musicians from whom I got inspiration of radical experimental music.

I started to practice my own freedom. That’s the key.

  1. How important are tools in your artistic path and how much are you inspired by them?

Very important, I guess. I never limited myself to some specific tools, as computer or hardware. I love both of those worlds, and new software was influencing the way I made music as much as each new synth.

  1. How would you describe your creative process?

Turn off the World. Think and meditate of the ideas. Select tools for the specific project, and program, play, record. Then make a pause, a distance, and edit and finalize.

Details depend on each project or a concept.

  1. In current geopolitical situation, how important and difficult is it for you to create as an Ukrainian artist? What are your biggest hopes, struggles and fears?

Absolutely important and extremely difficult at the same time. While our army is doing the main and most important part, artists can communicate war in various ways.

And on one hand I am making a lot of art and music project for Ukraine, it is almost impossible to concentrate on my own productions and projects the way I used to do them. At the same time I can see that my work is adding at least something to our fight.

My hope is free Ukraine and complete demolition of Russia.

My struggles are irrelevant now. As long as I am alive, everything is manageable. I must stay useful and add something to our victory every day.

And fear… I don’t know. Not to see burning Kremlin in ruins, maybe. I wouldn’t want to miss that.

  1. How collaborative work influences you? Do you prefer to go on a solo trip or working with others make sense for you in any way?

Mostly solo.

But collaborations can teach a lot of things and help to refresh the vision and see myself from the distance.

  1. If there is any message in what you do, what would that be?

One track – one bullet.

  1. Plans for the future?

Hard to say. Since February 2022 my planning horizon is just few weeks. And even when I have some projects planned in longer perspective, I don’t have any feeling of the future.

Just have to live as much as possible now.