Markus Foundation

The vast majority of our donations are army-related. We believe that Ukrainian army is the only real force that stands between Ukrainian people and russian occupants. Some donations we send directly to our friends on the front line, and some we transfer to a large foundations dealing with a global level of army support.

One such new organization is Markus Foundation

Markus Foundation is a non-governmental organization engaged in the provision, development, and support of the newly created 47th Motorised brigade, also dealing with assistance to the wounded and families of fallen soldiers.

In case if you decide to help them too, here’s their direct PayPal:

Any amount you might send them will matter really a lot!

More information about Markus Foundation together with other ways to support them besides PayPal is on their official website:


This transfer was made with the help of our friend Andriy Antuhov

Slava Ukraini!