Monolith Cocktail about ‘Unintended Intention’

Unsurprisingly concentrating the mind, the brutal barbaric dystopian-scarred landscapes of war-torn Ukraine have been transmogrified into the abrasive, concrete debris soundscapes of nightmares by the trick noisemaker of dissonance and pulverizing noise, and co-instigator of the Prostir label, Dmyto Fedorenko (aka Variát). As his homeland continues to be bombarded and churned up by the invading forces of the despot Putin, Fedorenko teams up with fellow noise sculptor of some standing, Masami Akita – the harsh and confrontational Japanese artist behind the 500 plus back catalogue Merzbow project – to reshape the needled, scowled, squalled, overbearing, sinister, menacing and static coarse ruins: the only hope of which, is in the “resilience” of the Ukrainian people holding back the tide of destruction and evil.

Crushing morbid forces merge with the air raids of drone attacks, decay, coded signals, charged force fields, transistors, the Fortean radio set and the alien. Occasionally a keyboard chord materializes, along with the recognizable sounds of toms and breaks – the drums sounding like at times like they’re being beaten with boxing gloved pummeling hands. At one point it could be the set of a roofless cathedral, another, from the charred remains of a devastating fire: I could of course be projecting all this.

Throbbing Gristle, Gunther Wüsthoff, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Sunn O))) (if they cashed in their guitars for synths and a laptop), Oberman Knocks, Boris and Scott Walker are all brought to mind. And yet this is a unique collaborative pneumatic and caustic vision from the two artists, one that can’t help but evoke the devastating, mindless and distressing scenes unfolding. And if you needed any prompting or a reminder, profits for this release all go to supporting ‘Ukraine resistance against Russia’ with donations made to self-defense and humanitarian foundations. PS: Thanks by the way to the label, I Shall Sing Until My Land Is Free, for the CD and stickers; always appreciated to receive something physical in an increasingly soulless, downloaded or streaming, non-committal world.