Monolog ‘Jern’ – a new release is out!

Friends, we have a special new release today!

A heavy-driven EP from our dear friend and Ukraine’s supporter Danish artist Mads Lindgren!

Monolog “Jern”

“War entails suffering and sadness of loss due to unexplainable brutality and relentless meaningless onslaught. War entails bonding with brothers and sisters to fend off atrocious aggression. War entails the act of putting violence against violence, tracking down the violators and stopping them with death as a means of last resort.

These songs are there to support Ukrainians in all aspects of the war, hoping that the will mind wounds, grant courage and determination to take lives.”

– Mads Lindgren / Monolog

    Danish artist Mads Lindgren aka Monolog is a traveller in sound both figuratively and across the European continent, working intensely in the studio and on stage and taking care of various jobs in the audio industry. The musical activities started as a guitar player in various metal bands in the 90’s, but with distinct reference to the jazz guitar he grew up with. this combination resulted in an aggressive sound with complex harmonic structures, continuing into experiments in modern jazz with the vestbirk noiz ensemble playing kitchen utensils, power drills, ping pong balls and Akai samplers.

    Mads has not only contributed his music to our label project but also co-produced this release with us!

    Available as 12” 180gr audiophile heavy black vinyl in over-metalized silver/black cover, designed by Zavoloka from an artwork by Dmytro Fedorenko.

    Listen and order your copy here:

    Slava Ukraini!