Side-line reviews about ‘Frammenti’

Fabrizio Matrone strikes back unleashing a new album from his sonic alter-ego Matter. The Italian artist has already released several works on different labels like Ant-Zen, Le Petit Machiniste, Soviet Media Kontrol and Kvitnu.

The work remains faithful to the main sound ingredients Matter is using. There for sure is a Dark-Techno/Industrial element running through the work which has been sophisticated with IDM influences. Some parts are more Experimental-like but I always connected with Techno-Industrial music.

Matter is an artist who no longer has to convince me. Fabrizio Matrone perfectly knows how to compose intelligent Electronic music. This is pure underground stuff for Berliner Techno underground clubs. I can easily imagine this is also the kind of production appealing for Sonic Groove lovers. The work features several great and accomplished cuts but “Futuro” is my favorite one for its extra noise- and crystalline sound treatments.