Anna Pidgorna ‘Starlit Night’

“My settings of poetry by Lesya Ukrainka – one the preeminent Ukrainian writers and thinkers working at the turn of the 20th century – were a way to forge connection in a time of pandemic and war. In this small cycle of poems, the poet speaks to a lonely star, projecting her own feelings of melancholy and isolation onto this distant, cool speck. Friends and lovers separated by distance have long comforted themselves by looking up at the same stars, knowing that at least their gazes can embrace in that same light. As we wrote, recorded and mixed in Vancouver (Canada), Princeton and Los Angeles (United States), and Chernivtsi and Dnipro (Ukraine), these songs became our shared stars. I dedicate these songs to folk singer and ethnomusicologist Iryna Danylejko, who has been my most important guide on the journey through Ukrainian folk music over the last 11 years.”

– Anna Pidgorna

Music by Anna Pidgorna
Vocals: Iryna Danylejko (track 1, 3), Anna Pidgorna (track 1, 2, 3)
Double bass: Ryan Baird (track 1 and 3), Florent Ghys (track 2)
Poetry by Lesya Ukrainka
Mixing and mastering by Yuriy Bulychev
Artwork by Olson Olberburg
Design by Zavoloka


Recording supported in part by the Shevchenko Foundation (Canada)