Kojoohar ‘Cachalot’

Thick layers of noise swollen textures merge into a viscous soundscape enswathing the listener, like bottomless depths of a swamp devour a descending piece of slag.

Kojoohar is an accidental one-man project from Ukrainian South, weaving tarry audio cocoons from pulsatile cartilagery of obsessive-compulsive ambient industrial and slimy flaps of post-flegmatique noisewave, invoking analog and digital miasma of pocket devices, paralyzant enthropia of modular synths and beatific dyslexy of reverently crafted samples, all concrescent in acataleptic mantrae heralding the impending serenity of inner void.

Music by Andrii Kozhukhar.
Audio programme prepared for and performed live at Buddha Noise festival in Nova Kakhovka, Ukraine.

Photography by George Charsky.
Layout by Edward Sol.