Monolog ‘Jern’

“War entails suffering and sadness of loss due to unexplainable brutality and relentless meaningless onslaught. War entails bonding with brothers and sisters to fend off atrocious aggression. War entails the act of putting violence against violence, tracking down the violators and stopping them with death as a means of last resort.

These songs are there to support Ukrainians in all aspects of the war, hoping that the will mend wounds, grant courage and determination to take lives.”

– Mads Lindgren / Monolog

Music is written & produced by Monolog.
Field recordings in track Forgotten Circle 10 by Andrii Nidzelskyi.
Mastering and lacquer cut by Noel Summerville.
Artwork & release production by Dmytro Fedorenko.
Design by Zavoloka.