Edward Sol & Anla Courtis “Askanian Virgin”

Edward Sol & Anla Courtis "Askanian Virgin" CD

And we have one more new release today! EDWARD SOL & ANLA COURTIS “Askanian Virgin” https://ishallsinguntilmylandisfree.bandcamp.com/…/aska… CD inlaid in a recycled cardboard double sleeve.The outer sleeve is hand assembled with bronze eyelets.Limited edition of 100 copies. And some words about this work from Edward Sol:“Many years ago Alan Courtis and I started swapping audio recordings… Continue reading Edward Sol & Anla Courtis “Askanian Virgin”

Upcoming new release.

We opened pre-orders for the new release by EDWARD SOL & ANLA COURTIS called ‘Askanian Virgin’ https://ishallsinguntilmylandisfree.bandcamp.com/album/askanian-virgin