Monolog ‘Jern’ – a new release is out!

Friends, we have a special new release today! A heavy-driven EP from our dear friend and Ukraine’s supporter Danish artist Mads Lindgren! Monolog “Jern” “War entails suffering and sadness of loss due to unexplainable brutality and relentless meaningless onslaught. War entails bonding with brothers and sisters to fend off atrocious aggression. War entails the act… Continue reading Monolog ‘Jern’ – a new release is out!

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21st of JULY 2023 — FRIDAY — B.L.O.-ATELIERS, BERLIN Ukrainian label for experimental musicI SHALL SING UNTIL MY LAND IS FREEhttps://ishallsinguntilmylandisfree.cominvites you to a special event with label artists and friends live acts line-up:KOTRAZAVOLOKALIZA AIKINMONOLOGJEFF SURAK 21.07.202320:00B.L.O.-ATELIERS, BERLIN(S-Bhf. Nöldnerplatz) FREE ENTRY! _____________________________________________ This is a charity event with free admission.As a part of overall activity… Continue reading OUR LABEL NIGHT IN BERLIN