Starless “Adopt” – new release!

We have our 22nd release today – Starless “Adopt”. Starless is a project of Yurii Samson, whose other solo album “Inmostones” we released last year on a CD. Here’s what Yurii Says about “Adopt”: “An album of vintage experiments, a series of images, and small stories. Some of them expire, some don’t. The black inscription… Continue reading Starless “Adopt” – new release!

Vital Weekly about Inmostones

“Here we have a 5” CD, in a proper cover, but it is, very sadly, only fifteen minutes long. I had not heard of Yurri Samson before, who is, according to Discogs, “a poet, songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist. Also the leader of the psychedelic folk-kraut-rock band Biblioteka Prospero, a solo project Starless and a participant… Continue reading Vital Weekly about Inmostones

We have a new release today!

Yurii Samson “Inmostones” “Semiconscious singing transforms into matter, ethereal zones interact as loudspeaker walls, leaving something untold, trying to tell something. And the world itself is imagined as a large pile of granular stones that became solid in the crucible of time, passing the path from the atoms that make up air to the crystalline… Continue reading We have a new release today!