If you care for animal rights.

We consider as very important to help animals affected by the war. Today animals in Ukraine suffer extremely, and hopefully, there are great organizations that operate on the front line rescuing wild animals and pets.


Since 2016 UAnimals, a humanist movement for animal rights has been popularizing the humane treatment of animals and protecting them from exploitation and abuse.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war UAnimals have actively been helping animals within war zones: evacuating, and providing food and medicine for shelters. UAnimals has begun rebuilding animal shelter facilities that were affected by the russian aggression.

What UAnimals already accomplished during the war:

> 1000 animals were evacuated from the war zone
> 500 tons of feed was distributed to the animals of Ukraine
> 10 shelters have been rebuilt
> 7000 stray animals were neutered during the war

We ask you to consider helping them too, and here’s their direct PayPal account:

And remember, there is no small amount, there is no small help.
Maybe your donation will help to save a cat who lost his home or rescue an eagle hurt by russian shelling.

More information about UAnimals together with other ways to support them besides PayPal is on their official website:

Slava Ukraini!