Vital Weekly about Inmostones

“Here we have a 5” CD, in a proper cover, but it is, very sadly, only fifteen minutes long. I had not heard of Yurri Samson before, who is, according to Discogs, “a poet, songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist. Also the leader of the psychedelic folk-kraut-rock band Biblioteka Prospero, a solo project Starless and a participant in projects Kadaitcha and Osfill Klayse.” None of that means anything to me, and I have no frame of reference. I understand the text on the cover (and Bandcamp) to be something about the ongoing war in Ukraine, which is the whole raison d’etre behind the label of being covered in layers of rubble and stones. The music is a musique concrète, the sounds of which might be sourced from the war’s debris. These recordings are granulated and transformed, the source of war transformed into a work of art, and, of course, I might be wrong. When thinking about the title, it might be that stones are the source material, and war doesn’t come into the equation. Unlike the Futurists, we now know that, war, what is it good for, absolutely nothing. There is no beauty in that, just tragedy and misery. Take the music out of this context and judge it by its quality; that’s all I think we can do and enjoy the piece by its merits. Samson created a few blocks of sound, distinctly different parts of the piece, all based on granular transformations, loops and such. Sometimes, Samson takes a more industrial route, but most of the time, it is all about changes in pitches and timing. A work that would not be out of place in the catalogue of Empreintes Digitales. It is excellent work, for sure, but it’s fifteen minutes and twelve seconds! Boohoo, I wished there was more, as this sounded like a great opening track for a full-length release.”