About this project

We, Ukrainian label Prostir, start a new special sublabel

Here’s the idea behind this project.

Today Ukraine is fighting for its freedom. Our country is wounded and needs help.

Ukrainian resistance needs support – our territorial defense, hospitals, evacuation teams, and local volunteers who deliver food in shelters or save animals. Requests are coming every hour from big foundations and local activists.

We don’t know when this war with russia ends. As long as this fight goes on we will continue to take our part in it on our professional and artistic levels. After this war ends the need for recovery measures for people will still be high for some time. We have to plan long term, there is and will be a lot of work to do to complete the victory and restoration of Ukraine.

That is why we start this special sublabel on Prostir to support Ukrainian resistance.

By releasing and selling experimental music, visual art, and various merchandise we will generate funds and then distributed between various Ukrainian self-defence and humanitarian foundations as well as local volunteer activists.

Our project is created with great support and assistance from our dear friends and colleagues from Staalplaat (Amsterdam) and The Label (Edmonton), as well as two Polish pressing plants Monotype pressing and X-Disc.

We begin with two Muslimgauze releases which can be found on our Bandcamp shop:

Slava Ukraini!

The name I SHALL SING UNTIL MY LAND IS FREE is taken from a Muslimgauze track, and various stories when Ukrainian defenders are singing or playing instruments in tranches or under fire.