Album of the month – Ilpo Väisänen

Our recent release of Ilpo Väisänen was included in Releases of the Month column for September Field Notes magazine “Ilpo Väisänen traverses the broad spectrum of his influences starting with electroacoustic music to dub and noise music.”

Upcoming new release.

We opened pre-orders for the new release by EDWARD SOL & ANLA COURTIS called ‘Askanian Virgin’

Ilpo Väisänen joins our project!

We are glad to announce a new release in our series – a new work from our good friend Ilpo Väisänen (Pan Sonic), who kindly joined our label. The album name is “Keskipäivän Hetken Sumea Vaillinaisuus“. And here is the message from Ilpo himself to accompany the release:“Still against this invasion. Summer is at its… Continue reading Ilpo Väisänen joins our project!

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Muslimgauze “Chechnya Over Dub” 2xLP arrived!

We start packing and shipping all combined orders right now. Thank you for your patience! And, as we said before – all Bandcamp orders will contain a bunch of free download codes of various Ukrainian experimental artists, so you can explore some new names and labels. More news of upcoming artists and releases soon!

Спеціальна пропозиція для українських слухачів!

Ви можете отримати будь-який з наших релізів БЕЗКОШТОВНО! Один чи декілька – на ваш вибір. Обмежень на кількість чи формат немає. Ця пропозиція безстрокова! Але для цього вам необхідно зробити наступне – вибрати той чи ті релізи які вам цікаві, скласти їхню загальну вартість та відправити цю суму як пожертву до одного з фондів –… Continue reading Спеціальна пропозиція для українських слухачів!

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Muslimgauze “Shekel Of Israeli Occupation”

Muslimgauze “Shekel Of Israeli Occupation” vinyl arrived and is already being shipped. “Chechnya Over Dub” LPs are expected within two weeks and all combined orders will be shipped right after. The same with Merzbow’s “Peace For Animals”, CDs and cassettes, which are expected very soon to be delivered to us, and then shipped to… Continue reading Muslimgauze “Shekel Of Israeli Occupation”

New donations

This week we donated €740 to the purchase of vehicles for Territorial Defense and a new batallion. Project continues.

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New release

Coming up next in our series – Merzbow “Peace For Animals“ Available in three formats: CD, cassette, download. Planned release date: 10th of June. Pre-order your copy here:

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